Anansi Boys – by Neil Gaiman

This is definitely the best of the three Neil Gaiman novels I have read. If you have read American Gods, you will already be familiar with the Anansi character. This story is about his sons, with Anansi making guest appearances along the way.

This was a much more complete story than American Gods and had a more satisfactory conclusion than Neverwhere. My only quibble is that the conclusion of the book (really more of an epilog) uses the technique common to true crime stories on television, where the follow-up status of the characters are summarized in a few paragraphs each, rather than being an organic part of the story, but in truth that’s a minor quibble as the story stands on its own without those final notes.

This was definitely not a book I struggled to finish. I started it Thursday evening and finished it midday Sunday. Good reading that kept me turning the pages, and neglecting the stuff I had to do around the house. Oh well.

(Finished 8/5/12)