Turning Pens and Pencils – by Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham

Turning pens and pencils – sound exciting to you? I imagine not to most people. I love wood, though, and a well-made, wood encased writing instrument is a thing of beauty to me. Recently I’ve had a bit of a bug up my butt to make one of these fabulous pens myself, but true to my nature, I wanted to research it first.

This book had some very good reviews and I have to agree that if you want to turn (as in wood turning) a pen, this is a very good way to learn how. Of course, also true to my nature, I got two books on the subject; you never know if one is enough. In the end, while I have not read the other book yet, this book is complete enough that I think I spent more money on books than I needed to.

If this is something you are interested in I don’t think you would go wrong with this book. It covers everything from the selection of wood to turning and assembly and finishing and even a bit on marketing and selling if that’s your aim. You will be set to turn by the time you finish the book, so all you will have to decide is whether to invest the money in a lathe and all the tools and supplies to make the pens or to find someone that makes them and buy one from him (or her) and avoid the extra expense. If you already have most the tools, bingo, there you go! A small additional investment will have you turning out beautiful writing instruments in no time.

(Finished 3/25/11)