The Norths Meet Murder – by Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge

The older you get, the more you know. Not because you are necessarily more educated, but because you have simply lived long enough to have been exposed to years of popular culture. To me, people like Bob Hope and George Burns have relevance, whereas my grand-nieces and nephews have absolutely no idea who they are. Well, I just came across something that I knew nothing about, even though it was very popular even when I was a kid. That is the series of mystery books based on the characters of Mr. and Mrs. North. Not only was it a popular book series, it was a popular radio show, early television show, play and a movie.

I don’t recall where I first heard of these books, but I thought they sounded like they could be entertaining. Of course, in a series of twenty-six books, I wanted to start with the first one. Nothing worse than jumping into the middle of a series. This first book in the series was written in the 1930s and it was fun seeing the culture of the time through the book.

Was this “fine literature?” No, but it was entertaining. It was fun getting to know the main characters, and all the other characters for that matter. It involves a murder that happened right above the North’s apartment. Indeed, they discovered the body, which created the opportunity for their involvement. If you are a mystery book person, I think you would enjoy this series.

Finished 8/17/19