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bookmark: the enemy

The Enemy – Christopher Hitchens

This isn’t really a book but more of an extended essay. In it Hitchens offers a mini-biography of Osama bin Laden as just part of this piece describing bin Laden’s efforts, and that of al-Qaeda, to terrorize the world.

Hitchens also takes to task all those who feel that bin Laden and his sympathizers had justification for their terrorist activities. The apologists who claim that these events were only a natural consequence of the West’s overbearing behavior are rebuked. The nature of “the enemy” is brought into sharp focus, putting the blame of terrorist activity directly on the shoulders of the perpetrators – the terrorists.

For what I consider to be an intelligent and insightful perspective on the problem of Islamic terrorism, it’s worth your time to read this short piece.

Finished 8/21/17

bookmark: we’ll always have paris

We’ll Always Have Paris – Ray Bradbury

Back to one of my favorite authors, particularly when it comes to short stories. There never was an author who could put me into the story like Ray Bradbury. This book of short stories was no exception.

Having recently read Death is a Lonely Business, it was interesting to see the genesis of some of the characters in that book revealed in the stories from this book. If you have already created the characters, there’s no reason not to let them appear in more than one story.

The stories are wide ranging and a few offered different themes than I had ever read before in a Bradbury book. I didn’t think that he could surprise me anymore, but he did. As in all of Bradbury’s collections of short stories, I find some of them more interesting than others, but they almost always are worth reading. All the stories were new to me, which really illustrates what a prolific storyteller he was, because I have read a lot of his stories.

If you enjoy Bradbury, this book is part of the canon. Read it and enjoy.

Finished 8/3/17