Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop – Nick Offerman

I’m not a fan of the television show Parks & Recreation, so I don’t know if I would have been able to pick Nick Offerman out of a line-up or not. The way I became familiar with Mr. Offerman was through woodworking, not his acting, although I suppose one of the reasons he has gained recognition for his woodworking is through his association with acting. I don’t recall exactly how I came to know about Nick’s woodworking, but I think he did a guest spot on a DIY type show. Anyways, I found he had written a book about woodworking and I thought it might be worth reading. It was, though it’s different than any other woodworking book I’ve read.

I would call this a stream of consciousness book. You will find out about the author’s own woodworking life, as well as those of several of his associates, relatives and other prominent woodworkers. Nick also discusses actual woodworking, writing about tools, wood, and methods of work. There are projects in the book, too, if any of them strike your fancy. They didn’t apply to what I am doing in woodworking, but they may to you. There are other bits here and there, too, such as a recipe or two and some philosophizing on life.

The book is written with a certain off-handed sense of humor and self-deprecation that adds to the presentation of the material. It is, indeed, “good, clean fun,” as woodworking should be. Particularly if you are a newer woodworker, it may prove inspirational. In any event, it is entertaining.

Finished 6/17/17