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Navajo Autumn: A Navajo Nation Mystery – R. Allen Chappell

Many years ago I found the mystery writer Tony Hillerman. With his descriptions of Navajo culture, traditions and ceremonies, he showed me a way of life with which I was unfamilar and, at the same time, fascinated with. Obviously I was not alone, as he had a rather large fan base, which also happened to include my mother. It was a sad day when we knew that no more Hillerman books would be forthcoming.

I had not really been looking for a substitute for Hillerman’s books, but while looking through the offerings in Amazon’s Prime Reading program, I came across this book which, with “Navajo” in its title, drew my attention. Read the reviews, decided to give it a try. Glad I did.

Though not as in-depth or as involved as some of Hillerman’s books, Mr. Chappell has acquited himself well. This was a quick book to read. Though simple enough in plot, it still carried me into the world of the story. There are several more books by this author in the “Navajo Nation Mystery” line and I am looking forward to reading them.

Finished 5/18/17

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North Haven – Sarah Moriarty

This was a pretty good story with interesting, if sometimes frustrating, characters. Then again, if a book can get you to want to smack a character upside the head, I guess it has been successful in portraying that character. There is an interesting family dynamic at work here and the author plays the characters off well against each other.

Additionally, it would seem that the old adage of “write what you know” is in play, as the author creates a very convincing locale and seems very familiar with the activities in which the characters participate. It all benefits the story.

Well-written and interesting, I have to admit that I found the ending just a little too abrupt, with a couple of things unresolved at the end that I would like to have had some hint as to how they turned out. I didn’t have a problem with the ending, just the completeness of it. For a summer read, it was an enjoyable novel.

Finished 5/13/17