This is going to be a particularly unsavory political season. With a sleaze-ball candidate for both major parties, there is just nothing good to look forward to. It’s disgusting when I have to agree with Clinton on many of the things she says about Trump. Trump is going to have to get on more solid ground with his criticisms of Clinton, something other than invective, if anyone (with a brain) is going to take him seriously.

It’s not like Clinton is hard to legitimately criticize. She carries more baggage than an Airbus A380. All Trump has to do is pound away at her with the facts, but he just can’t seem to do it without the playground name-calling. Yes, a very large part of Trump’s popularity is his propensity for “telling it like it is,” but unfortunately that does not seem to include presenting any hard, specific facts on how he is going “make American great again.”

Clinton has made very clear how she wants to deal with issues that concern me. I have no need to hear one more word out of her mouth this whole campaign (oh, I could only hope). Actually, it has already come to the point that when a political ad or the news comes on and either Trump or Clinton is speaking, I change the channel or turn off the sound. You just have to do these thing to help save your sanity.

The only greater fear I have than Trump being elected, is Clinton being elected. How I hate elections that come down to voting for the lesser of two evils. In elections like this, I have to vote my conscience and vote Libertarian. In truth, that is the party that truly reflects my values. One may say that a vote against Trump is a vote for Clinton, but when either alternative scares the hell out of you, what does it matter? I suspect the Libertarian party will do rather well this year. If so, it may be a sign that at least some people are starting to understand our country’s problems and who has the real solutions. One can only hope.