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bookmark: the scandal of father brown

The Scandal of Father Brown – G.K. Chesterton

I’ve read a couple of collections of Father Brown stories, and this is the latest. I was inspired to read them after watching the BBC television series “Father Brown,” which is based on the stories by G.K. Chesterton. They are short stories, not book-length mysteries, which makes them good for reading when time is limited, like at lunchtime at work.

The stories are entertaining, and they give you a bit of the flavor of England in the early 20th century. Occasionally that creates difficulty for us Americans who have no idea to whom or what is being referred. Sometimes the “look up” features in my Kindle help in this regard, but other times I just have to assume that it has some relevance, and usually it is not critical to the story.

Like most mystery-solvers, sometimes Father Brown seems to pull things out of his hat, but, as with Sherlock Holmes, you just have to accept it, enjoy it, and move on. Some people might find the style of writing and use of language a bit odd, but it was a different time and, for me, a different country.

Finished 11/20/15

bookmark: the lions of lucerne

The Lions of Lucerne – Brad Thor

I heard Brad Thor on the radio when he was pinch-hitting as co-host on the morning show on WLS with Bruce Wolf. If you have ever heard Bruce Wolf, you know that he has the tendency to bounce all over – a broadcaster with ADD. He’s smart with a great memory and a tough act to keep up with. But never fear, Brad Thor managed it handily. Surely, I thought, this means that Brad Thor’s books would be worth reading.

While I was in the library the other day with my wife, she mentioned that she had always intended to read Brad Thor, too, but never had. Being the kind of people we are, we wanted to start with his first book, and lo and behold, my library had it on the shelves. I actually checked it out for my wife, but after a week she decided that her head was not in the right place to read that kind of book at the moment, so I started it myself.

I don’t normally read “thrillers” like this, but I did enjoy it. I did feel, though, that at several points I was ahead of the author. That wasn’t a big deal, though, and didn’t detract from the enjoyment of reading. If you enjoy reading spy, conspiracy, crime, or military type thrillers, you will enjoy Brad Thor’s writing, too.

Finished 11/16/15