I just finished cutting my lawn for the first time this year. Since it’s going to rain tomorrow, or at least it is supposed to, I figured I better get it cut now before the grass grows too long to cut easily. Most of the lawn didn’t need cutting, but it also mulched up the dead leaves left over from last fall. Now, isn’t that exciting stuff?

I’ve been absent from here for a while. This blog is supposed to be about the “the trials and terrors of getting older,” but to tell you the truth, it’s not always easy writing about that subject. Besides that, I tend to be rather a private person. Pretty strange to have a blog like this, then, eh?

While I was cutting the lawn I was thinking (what else are you going to do?) that I should write more here; really be honest about what is going on. With the number of people reading this blog numbering in the low single digits, I should have no fear of having to fight off the paparazzi. Truth is, this getting old stuff is for shit and depressing. Why would anyone want to read about this old fart’s problems? I guess what really matters is not what people want to read, but what I want to write.

Who in their right mind would want people to read what is essentially a rather personal journal? Well, I guess it’s somewhat therapeutic for me – let’s me get stuff of my chest, kind of. We’ll see what happens.