Turning Wood – Richard Raffan

I have a few books on woodturning in my library, and since I am gearing up to try pen turning, I thought that it was time to review the general basics of woodturning. This book covers pretty much everything you need to begin turning.

Every wood turner has his own techniques and methods, and Raffan is no exception. He has been a “production” wood turner and his techniques reflect the need to produce turning quickly and efficiently. He also stresses the safety considerations in woodturning, offering up his experience to help us avoid our own painful experiences.

As with anything else, actual practice is what will make you a good turner, but this book provides the basic information you need to begin. This review refers to the 2001 revised paperback edition, which apparently also had a DVD you could purchase separately. Note that Raffan has more a more up-to-date version of this book and DVD out, as well as several other turning books and DVDs.

(Finished 3/22/15)