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it’s raining, it’s pouring

Man, I am tired of all the rain this year. We have had more rain as of this date than we had all of last year. The garden is little more than a mud pit. I’m starting to wonder if I would get more out of turning it into a mud wrestling venue than trying to grow things in it.

On the plus side, the farmers aren’t doing too badly by it all. Around here at least, they seem to have planted their crops at the right time and now the corn is growing inches a day and is lush and dark green. Unless something odd happens, it’s going to be a good crop this year.

I suppose this is better than drought, but it would be nice if Mother Nature could strike a happy medium. At this rate I’ll have to keep cutting my lawn every week through the whole summer. Then again, it’s not like I don’t need the exercise.

bookmark: the anti-capitalist menality

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality – Ludwig von Mises

I must confess, while reading this book I could not help but think, “Ayn Rand must have read this book.” Perhaps it was not this book, but she had to have been familiar with his work. Von Mises’ views expressed in this book easily match up with much of the economic philosophy expressed in Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

While some of the expressions and prejudices are reflective of the era in which the book was written (mid-1950’s) by a man born in the 19th century, the book has great value in its critique of “anti-capitalists”. It is based on what I believe is sound capitalistic principles.

This is one of Ludwig von Mises’ more accessible books, short and rather easily read. Those with a limited vocabulary (and even some of us with a pretty good vocabulary) may benefit from having a dictionary at their elbow while reading the book. This is even more necessary for von Mises’ more demanding books, such as his Human Action, which might be the next book of his that I read.

While I think that everyone would benefit from reading this book, I know that way too many people would see themselves being described as anti-capitalistic and insist that von Mises must be talking about someone else. This book is a concise and illuminating criticism of the anti-capitalist mentality that has engulfed a large proportion of the American public, but no one today is likely to read it.

(Finished 6/16/13)