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griping again

This is ridiculous. It’s Memorial Day weekend and my furnace is running. I have live plants I need to get into the garden and it’s wet and cold outside. I guess I can count my blessings that at least there isn’t snow on the ground, but this is tiresome weather.

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End the Fed – Ron Paul

Like way too many people, I really don’t have even an elementary grasp of how the money system works in this country. Certainly you are not taught anything about this in school, except perhaps when you get into college level economics courses, and I bet not many of them even cover this subject.

This book gave me a good summary history of the U.S. Federal Reserve, with a lot of the history involving the years that I have been an adult, all the way up to almost today. I generally agree with Ron Paul’s political philosophy so it should come as no surprise that after reading the book I can readily agree with his conclusion.

If you want an in-depth tome on Economics (note the capital “E”) this is not it, but it is an illuminating discourse on the fallibility of the Fed and why it is actually a destructive, and I would even venture illegal, financial structure in the U.S.

I definitely need to do more reading to understand how this all works, but this book gave me a perspective to consider when I do additional reading.

(Finished 5/19/13)