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Neverwhere – by Neil Gaiman

Writing a brief review for a fiction book is pretty easy for me – either I liked it or I didn’t. I’m not much into deconstructing fiction and obviously there is no point in trying to evaluate fiction in the same way that I do non-fiction.

That said, this was an enjoyable book to read, and was rather quick reading because it was enjoyable. It is (and this is not to besmirch the book) typical fantasy fiction, wherein the writer has the freedom to create his own world. I could see where this book could easily translate into a movie. The door is even left wide open for sequels.

I enjoyed this more than the only other Neil Gaiman book that I have read up to this point (American Gods, which let me down in the end). I have another Gaiman book waiting to be read and this book has persuaded me that I should give it a try the next time I get an urge to read fiction.

(Finished 6/24/12)

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Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them) – by Bart D. Ehrman

Having been exposed to the Bible through Sunday school and church, as well as through American culture, I have the general biblical knowledge that most people raised in the Christian religion have. I was not raised a fundamentalist, so the Bible has never been the actual word of God to me, but more of a reference book for Christians. The title of this book caught my eye as something that could broaden my cultural knowledge, and indeed it did.

It was interesting to read about current biblical scholarship. While I have no doubt that there are people who disagree with the author on his interpretations of the Bible, I also believe that he represents a legitimate and accepted overview of some of the contradictions that appear in the Bible. I appreciated the historical information related to the writing of the Bible and the people who had an influence on what it is today.

As I do not have the depth of knowledge to critique the author’s scholarship (nor the inclination to become knowledgeable in this field) I cannot speak to that issue. However, I will say that the author tended to repeat his main points in each chapter several times over, which got a little tedious. Still, it was readable enough for me to finish the whole book and was well worth my time.

(Finished 6/17/12)