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tomorrow is the day

Among the other things I did today to help get ready for surgery and after, I went to the hospital earlier than necessary for the class on hip and knee replacement. I had to give blood to have it typed and matched in case they need to give me blood during or after the surgery, depending on how much I might lose. I sure hope they don’t drain me dry. I didn’t get a chance to contribute my own blood, and in this day and age one has a slight worry about getting contributed blood, but if I need it I need it. We’ll see.

The class on knee and hip replacement was interesting, even if there wasn’t a whole lot I didn’t already know or suspect. It seems to me that having a hip replacement is a bigger pain in the butt than a knee replacement because a hip replacement requires the patient to not bend more than ninety degrees from the waist for three months! What a bother. There are all sorts of aids to help with daily living, but it doesn’t seem like it would be an easy thing. There don’t appear to be any restrictions like that for knee replacement, thank goodness.

I guess I’m ready for surgery tomorrow, or at least as ready as I can be. My wife is picking me up in the morning and taking me to the hospital and waiting during the surgery. I sure hate to have her lose time from work, but I am very appreciative of any help she can give. We may not be together, but we certainly do care about each other.

I won’t be posting here for several days, I am sure. Forward into the unknown!

getting closer

Holy cow, am I beat! It’s been a long day cleaning and I wasn’t able to even touch my bedroom or the office, and was only able to do minimal cleaning in the guest room. It was really rough doing all that work with two bum knees, but I feel good about getting it done.

Surgery is on Tuesday but I decided to take tomorrow off as a vacation day to further prepare. I also have the class tomorrow night.

bookmark: and the goat cried

And the Goat Cried:Southern Tales and other Chance Meetings – by Henry A. Buchanan

My son got this book for me way back in 1999. The author was at the book store on a promotional tour and he signed the book to me for my son. Yes, it’s taken me this long to finish the book. Not that it’s a lengthy book or particularly hard to read, but I started it once and it wound up back on the bookshelf waiting to be rediscovered at a later date.

The book is a series of short folk-tale type stories; the kind of stories for which storytellers have a natural propensity. Indeed, if I were a guessing man, I would guess that this book is a compilation of the stories that the author actually tells live.

There are a few stories with satisfying endings, but many of the stories are “slice of life” that stop and start, but really haven’t much in the way of beginning and ending, in the traditional short story sense. Still, for the most part it was an enjoyable book and the structure made it easy to break as time required.

(Finished 5/5/12)

getting close

I have tried to get in all the groceries I will need for at least the next two weeks, plus a few for when my son will be here helping me. It’s hard to know for sure what I will need. I got plastic dinnerware and more paper plates so that I won’t have to be doing dishes. All my groceries are “heat and eat” stuff because I am pretty sure I won’t be standing at the stove cooking. I also managed to get most the laundry done.

My physical didn’t turn up anything that will delay the surgery, so my secret hope that it could be avoided was crushed. I have picked up the walker I will need and have also obtained a temporary disability parking placard for use when I can drive after the surgery.

Tomorrow I will need to get this house as clean as I can get it with the limited amount of time (and energy) that I have.

more knee stuff

I guess I have to have my primary care physician do a physical. I’ve got it scheduled now. Is it silly for me to (almost) hope he finds something that will keep me from having the knee surgery?

I’ve also enrolled at the hospital in the class for knee and hip replacement patients and candidates. I still think it’s a goofy to be finding out what I should be concerned about the surgery on the night before the surgery. We’ll see.