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too far to see

I had a bit of a shock today. I was reading about a space mission that NASA is considering and the time frame is such that it will be 2024 when the space vehicle reaches its destination. That’s not too far off – thirteen years from now – but at my age the odds are very questionable whether I will be around to see the completion of that space mission. Suddenly my own personal future doesn’t feel like the sure thing it once did.

a pause

Good morning, Orion, harbinger of winter. There you are again, greeting me from the sky as I head to the garage in the morning. The clear, dark skies reveal the universe of stars and I cannot help but pause to savor the cool, early morning air. It is a moment of suspense, as though all the potentialities of the day are straining at the starting line, aching to run the course. There is no better time of the day.