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better at home

I went to see the new Harry Potter movie yesterday evening. The movie was okay, though not as well done as I had hoped, but more importantly I had to leave the theater twice during the movie to pee. Thankfully, I had read the book and could judge where I might want to take that break. Still, it is a bit irritating that I had to leave at all. Chalk up one more advantage to getting old.

Next time I go see a movie in a theater I’m going to not drink anything for the eight hours before, or maybe I can learn to catheterize myself. Better yet, get a big screen television and confine my movie watching to home where I can pause it as I wish. That way I can even control the volume, which is almost always too high in the theater, not to mention skip all the trailers and crap that come before the movie. Besides, there are very, very few movies that I want to see so urgently that I will go to the theater. Now if only I could afford that big screen television.

lost the will

I’ve lost the will to post.

My personal life has become a swamp of dead hopes and dreams and no one wants to read about that, not to mention the boring repetition of themes which is endemic to that kind of posting.

I could post about other, non-personal stuff, but I know that I am just one more person writing about the same damn stuff that has been written about in thousands (if not millions) of other blogs. What’s the point?