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you say yesterday was christmas?

Well, Christmas is over – one more under the belt. It was pretty much of a non-event for me. I had nowhere special to go after I dropped my son off at my wife’s house, so I stopped at the Chinese Buffet for Christmas dinner by myself and then home for essentially just another day off of work. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

I wonder if I will ever feel any excitement about Christmas again. Does everything in life just come down to a bland cycle of the same old thing year after year? I suppose if you have grandkids it might be more fun, but I don’t.

Anyways, I hope your Christmas (whoever you may be) was way better than mine, or at least no worse. Hopefully we will all still be around next Christmas.

I have to admit that I’m a fast food breakfast kind of guy. I like having something other than pasty or a bowl of cereal in the morning and I don’t have time to stop and make breakfast during the workweek. The quick and simple thing to do is swing by McDonalds or Burger King and get my breakfast right along with my morning caffeine fix (Diet Coke – can’t stand coffee). Most often McDonalds is my vendor of choice, but BK works for occasional variety.

In the spirit of that variety, and with the enticement of a one dollar price tag, I tried the new BK English muffin breakfast sandwich today. I’m not sure if this is sold countrywide now or if Burger King is only test marketing it in the Chicagoland area, but if they want my advice – give it up! What an awful tasting, disgusting, nasty sandwich!

Local television commercials show the BK King breaking into the McDonalds’ offices and stealing the plan for the English muffin sandwich. This is accompanied by a voice-over that says something about the concept not being a difficult one, or a new one, or something (can’t remember exactly and can’t find it on the web, believe it or not) and that BK is bringing out their own version on their value menu, pricing it at only one dollar. It seems to me that the King must have stolen the wrong plans, because they sure didn’t get it right.

A one dollar price tag isn’t going to get me to switch from McDonalds’ Egg McMuffin. I’ll gladly pay three times as much for something that actually tastes like food. See you tomorrow morning, my friends at Mickey D’s.

Going Rogue: An American Life – by Sarah Palin

A very interesting look into the life and mind of Sarah Palin. I think that this is a very honest presentation and that is something rare among politicians. It won’t persuade her enemies to like her but it might make people balancing on the edge fall to her side.

(Finished 12/7/09)